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Speaker / title

13 April 2021


Bingrun (Drew) Zhu

Tracking the annual cycle of the Bohai Black-tailed Godwits

Delip (Bisharga) Das

Uncovering international connections of Eurasian Curlew in Bangladesh: a project update

Rick Lanctot

The role of shorebird movement studies in advancing shorebird conservation in North America

Brad Woodworth

Differential population trends are linked to migratory connectivity in an Endangered shorebird

12 July 2021

Ying-Chi Chan

Migration routes of the elusive Anadyr bar-tailed godwit

Phil Battley

New insights from New Zealand godwits

26 August 2021


Jimmy Choi

The commuting behavior of wintering shorebirds in southeast China using GPS Bluetooth trackers

Misha Zhemchuzhnikov

Food supply for Arctic waders in Siberian breeding grounds: Arthropod phenology and abundance

4 October 2021

Yu Hui

Continuous behaviour monitoring smart trackers - application on Pacific Black Ducks Anas superciliosa in Southeast Australia

Batbayar Galtbalt

Shorebirds like to stay low during migratory flights

18 October 2021

Katharine Bowgen

Winter wanderings of Welsh Curlews

Marcel Klaassen

Ruddy Turnstones in times of change

25 November 2021

Nigel Clark
Should we track the rarest migrant shorebird in the world and what can we learn?

3 March 2022

David Li

Shorebird Tracking in Singapore

Camilo Carneiro

Recent findings on the annual cycle of Icelandic whimbrels

9 May 2022

Delip Das

Tracking curlews and godwits of Bangladesh

Adrian Riegen

Tracking young Bar-tailed Godwits on their first migrations

25 May 2022

Bingrun Zhu

Fantastic godwits and where to find them: the distribution of two Black-tailed Godwit subspecies in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway

Thomas Lameris

Are Arctic migratory birds mismatched and does that matter?

1 September 2022

Carmen Or

Recent tracking of Black-tailed Godwit, Eurasian Curlew and Nordmann’s Greenshank from Mai Po, Hong Kong

Khwankhao Sinhaseni 

Lessons learnt from field survey of Nordmann's Greenshank in Thailand

Philipp Maleko

Preliminary results from tracking Nordmann's Greenshank throughout the EAAF

17 November 2022

Xu Shi

Monitoring bird movement in the EAAF with weather radar: opportunities for shorebirds?

Ying-Chi Chan

Highlights on recent EAAF shorebird tracking papers and resources for data management and analyses